Long Table

**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days…

Built to fit in a nook in a bench we had on our roof (which also was where these photos were taken).  Perfect fit, great table.  Many a drink drank by drunks at that table.  
New + Bauhaus = Newhaus.

**Built summer 2004.  Not for sale.

(aka Newhaus) [mcl – CTa – 5×1]:

Simple table. 5′ x 1′, and a little under 2′ high so you can fit your knees under it. Sturdy, reliable, functional, looks good. Indoor / outdoor. Plexi supports arranged for both form and function – delightfully asymmetrical – thus the Plexi doesn’t sag.

*Any size, shape available, or with a second shelf below, or taller or shorter. Smaller for less. [$299.00 as shown]


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