**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days…

Built for a client in Chelsea. By far the most popular piece I built, the problem is that it’s a tough thing to arrange in such a way that it’s easy to assemble by the customer. It’s also heavy to ship. Am fond of it, though – if interested in making your own, let me know…

**Built Spring 2005. Not for sale.

(aka Zeez) [mcl – Bz – FS]:

Get your mattress off the floor (or worse, off that press-board frame you got from some giant Scandanavian furniture-jobber)! Here’s a sturdy bed frame that will hold your mattress, give you a place to keep your shoes, and help you foster a warren of dust bunnies. It’s ever so sturdy and will stand up to nearly anything. Say more with less.

*Available for any size mattress. [$475.00 as shown (Full Size)]


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