Products and Services

I put links at the top of the page to current products for sale, as well as consulting services I offer for small creative businesses.  Take a look.

As far as services, over the years I’ve learned that I can speak a number of “different languages” working across different groups, especially explaining the complicated and technical to those not so inclined.

Creative+strategy+IT services+marketing+operations.

I’m proudly not a specialist.   I focused on competitive strategy in school, but can also build you innovative customized tools in Excel and teach you how to use them.  Or develop and flesh out business plans.  Or set up Google Apps for your so that you have a email address. (Setting up Google Apps and Gmail for a domain is a little tricky, but not that hard – do it yourself, if you want, just do it!). And more!

Get in touch if I can help…


2 responses to “Products and Services

  • Courtney

    Our self published graphic novel, The Wonder City, needed a website to help with marketing, but as a writer/artist team, we are not super tech saavy. Pete helped us set up the domain and used a Google App to create accounts for our new website email addresses and link them to our preexisting gmail accounts. At least I think that’s what happened! The end result is everything’s managable and in one place, and I can focus on the creative part of our new business instead of trying to feel my way through the technical part alone. Thanks, Pete!

  • J Charles

    I agree! What would have taken me about two weeks to do, Pete did in one morning for us with The Wonder City and without even asking. He’s also making me a pot rack to rival all other shelving units (that means you Billy Bookcase) based on my cramped storage specifications. Am super psyched. Bottomline: your aces in my book.

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