Walnut Shelving System

Oh right, furniture and making stuff.

That’s what this blog is supposed to be about.  Right.  Yes.  Yes.

So the hybrid pot rack / shelving experiment is finally done.  Saw this article, and got me thinking.  This piece is the result.  Will post more about that in a bit.

Uprights are solid 5/4″ walnut, shelves and frame on the back are 1″ walnut ply covered with solid walnut veneer on the edges.  Rods are aluminum conduit brushed to a matte finish.  All of the conduit pieces are held in place with set screws making it quite secure.

The shelves rest on the conduit with a channel on the underside about 1/4″ deep, and are held in place with wooden pegs at the rear of the frame so that the shelves cantilever out.

I think the pegs remind me a little of Mackintosh – I really like that.

The whole system is affixed to the wall with a a cleat.  I need to add more hooks to the underside of the shelves to hold more pots.

What do you think?

I also may have also overstaged the photos slightly, but had to be a quick shoot.

This was designed to fit my friend Justin’s space.  Would like to build an entire bookshelf system with identically sized shelves covering an entire wall.  There shelf spaces would be taller  and a bit deeper to be more effective for books.
If any interest in a good deal on a protype, do get in touch.


One response to “Walnut Shelving System

  • J Charles

    Best. Pot rack. Ever. Everyone who sees it says how beautiful it looks. Next up, mom wants a TV stand and I’ll probably have you adding on shelves for books in the new place. Well worth the investment.

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