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Been a bit quiet recently – working on a few new products and setting up the online store. Will be all good to go in just a few more days…  Stay tuned…


Wax & Oil – Now Available

Bottles and cans of my wood oil and wood wax now at  By Brooklyn. Works great on any woodenware in your kitchen – cutting boards, butcher block counter tops, wooden spoons, salad bowls, etc.

It’s made from mineral oil, beeswax, anise oil, and orange oil. Works great and smells great (but not enough smell to flavor what you’re cutting on the board, of course).

The oil is great for regular maintenance (like a nice coating once a month), the wax is for adding a bit of shine and added protection, as well as helping to bring back to life a board that may have seen better days.

Coat the board, wait a while (at least 15min), and wipe off the excess and buff w/ paper towel or cloth. If you really want to get fancy, you can heat them up (a double boiler works well – the microwave won’t work), and that will help it soak into the wood.

Plan to have it in other stores soon. At least stop by By Brooklyn and give it a smell. The wax also works very well as a lip balm.

In the coming weeks you’ll be able to buy it from this site via a proper online store as well (finally!).

Just Food – Let Us Eat Local, September 21st

Just Food‘s Let Us Eat Local tasting event is coming up and is a great way to support local farmers. This year a portion of the proceeds will go to farmers affected by Irene.

If you can’t make it to the event, bid in the auction. Lots of great stuff, including a lovely cutting board for your stove. Check it out!

New Ideas from Old Stuff

In my living room, got a lamp and wine rack I made years ago. I like them.

With every project, once it’s done all I see are ways to do it better and production flaws. But I think with both of these, it’s about seeing how to make them simpler. They work well enough – especially the lamp as a lighting piece that isn’t hardwired that can plug it into the wall outlet – but while I like the Fibonacci spiral motif, you can use fewer bulbs and less math and still make something that looks good.

Same with the wine rack. This really is a bit too Keebler Elf. But I do like the idea of wine on the wall and plan to revisit the idea and play around with that more in the coming months, with simpler, more elegant designs. Just less.

Wall mounting – practical, looks swell

All boards come with the necessary hardware to store them on the wall (rubber plugs that fit into recesses on the back of the board).

If your walls are somewhat-less-than-rock-solid like mine, you’ll have it up in no time at all.

(Over-stove board shown, & can also be mounted vertically. Cookbooks not included.)

New board for your stove, and more about Morse code

Just updated the page for my new stove-top cutting board – I absolutely love this thing. The high-temp silicone “feet” really do the trick, and took it on a trip to Lowe’s to covertly test it on a number of rental-apt-esque-stoves, and it worked quite well.

I also added a bit more here on the Morse code motif, and why I think it’s cool. I mean, really, who doesn’t like the idea of the Victorian Internet.

Chef’s Knives

Sometime back in the late ’90s (if I remember, back in college), I decided I needed some decent knives.  The Food Networkwas still in its nacent days, as was America’s Test Kitchen. Julia and Jacques, Cooking at Home was on it’s first run on PBS. I loved that show… Halcyon days…

I opted for a small set by Henckels. Not a less expensive forged line they had at the time, but a stamped set were made out of better steel. At least I think that’s why I got them. I still use them all the time.

I’ve since picked up a few more, and now am pretty much set.

Recently on America’s Test Kitchen (which, compared to the food porn that is the ever-pornier Food Network, is still a very staid New England production) they reviewed chef’s knives, again, and again the top knife was the stamped 8″ Victorinox.

So got one (3rd from the left, above), and love it. It doesn’t look as sleek as the Henckels or Wusthof to its left, but it’s very light and incredibly sharp. The blade is also a bit thinner than more expensive knives, and the shape rocks back and forth on the board really well. For the price, and even for any price, really can’t go wrong.

In the fall I’m looking to start doing some knife skills / boning skills / cutting board maintenance classes, using my cutting boards and these knives. Stay tuned…

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Just about set with this cooped-up-post-fest. Back in the shop tomorrow.


Last Irene Update, I think…

All in all, pretty tame. A small few branches down, but that was about it. So much for my plan of slicing a roast on my roof in a flapping yellow poncho.

These were all taken around 930am or so, between Carroll St and 3rd St. I was looking for drama, but didn’t find much, as you can see…

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