Completed Boards

Read more and order cutting boards here.

Some cutting boards:

Photographed upside down! Don't tell anyone...

No. 001 - CG

No. 002 - SDS

No. 003 - NLM

No. 004 - APR

No. 005 - BD, as a wedding gift

No. 006 - MKA

No. 007 - FB, for a couple

No. 008 - TBJ, for a couple (note the "J" arranged vertically, great grain patterns in the walnut.)

No. 009 - EZK, for a couple, with the vertical "K" for the last name

No. 010 - P (the top two rows are all walnut, but love how the maple and walnut sort of blend together.)

No. 031 - K d'O (for Kors d'Oeuvres, apostrophe = "D")

No. 032 - BB (for By Brooklyn, on Smith St)

No. 034 - Demo board - monogrammed with GFC and with a slide-out mini board

No. 041 - R (prototype for over-sink model, with divot to hold wily vegetables)

No. 043 - R (prototype for the carving board with an au jus groove - the board formerly held a London Broil)

No. 051 - JV, half-size, arranged in two rows


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